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REVIEW: Agenda Long Beach Trade Show, January 5-6, 2017

Before you could say “2017?”, Agenda Long Beach got the apparel trade show year off to a cracking start last Thursday at the conveniently close Long Beach Convention Center. I will not rehash the whys and wherefores of Agenda. I have covered the development and expansion of the show in my twice

REVIEW: Agenda Long Beach Trade Show, June 29-30, 2016

It was all systems go at the unofficial launch of the Spring 2017 season round of apparel trade shows last Wednesday and Thursday with Agenda Long Beach at the Long Beach Convention Center. The busiest period of the fashion week and trade show year will continue through the end of October

Agenda Long Beach, January 2016 – More Partying Than Purchasing?

Last Thursday and Friday saw Agenda Long Beach open the US apparel trade show circuit for 2016 at the concrete cavern that is the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. Agenda Long Beach has been on a steady surge in size, popularity, diversity and activity since it’s inception in

Agenda Long Beach Gets 2014 Fashion Trade Show Year Off On Right Sneaker

The 2014 fashion trade show roundabout go off to a strong start with the Agenda trade show at the Long Beach Convention Center from January 7 – 8 in downtown Long Beach, CA – my long time US domicile. With more than 700 brands exhibiting, Agenda continued it’s impressive year on year growth. The

Agenda Trade Show Spring/Summer 14 – July 25-26, 2013

Agenda continues to grow in size and diversity. It was pumping yesterday on the first day of the two-day trade show at the Long Beach Convention Center. The street and action sports origins of Agenda are still well represented but the show now offers so much more – the men’s


The first apparel trade show of the year in Los Angeles is also the closest to home. The Agenda Trade Show is literally two minutes down Ocean Blvd in the lovely seaside burgh we call home, Long Beach, California (a.k.a. the LBC). The cavernous Long Beach Convention Center is home to

Trade Shows in the Time of COVID

This is my first fashion blog since 2019. Why? The pandemic isn’t completely to blame though it’s been difficult to think of anything else of such note to write about in the industry since the shutters went up last March. Relying on the brevity and immediacy of Instagram to share

Bern Baby Bern but Don’t Bern Down the House

Last Friday, I had a flashback to election day, 4 November 2008. I was volunteering on the ‘No on 8’ campaign to stop the hurtful, regressive and reactionary Proposition 8 that sought to add the preposterous notion that “only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California” to the California

Los Angeles Market Week Spring16 – Some Like It Hot

The relentless tropical heat beat down on LA for last week’s Spring 2016 Los Angeles Fashion Market, which set up shop in the downtown Los Angeles Fashion District from October 12–15. The hot weather must have kept some buyers away because there was a distinct drop in the usual activity and energy this